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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has voiced concern over what it considered attempt by some northern group to spread lies that northerners were being killed in the east so as to fuel violence.

IPOB said the false alarm by the northern group was to allow for the systematic slaughtering of Igbos in other region.

Vanguard reports that in a statement jointly signed by IPOB spokespersons Mr Emma Mmezu and Dr. Clifford Iroanya, the group said the faceless group was setting the track for violence and claimed this tactic was employed in 1966 to create the track for the killing of women and children in the north.

The statement read: “50 years ago, faceless groups sprung up in Zaria, Kaduna, and Kano among others; all alleging that the January 1966 coup d’├ętat was an ethnic coup. Northerners, they claimed, were being killed in the East.

“These sponsored groups, stoked the embers of hatred and prepared the ground for the horrendous pogrom of May 29; June 2; July 29; August 2; September 29 and October 2, 1966 respectively in which thousands of Easterners mostly women and children, were systematically slaughtered all over the northern Nigeria.

 “Those faceless groups, that prepared the grounds for the unprecedented genocide, quickly disappeared into thin air.

“In 2016, another faceless group, Northern Consensus Movement, which claims to be a coalition of northern groups, even though only the Miyetti Allah turned out the only recognizable group among obviously fake others, alleged that hundreds of Northerners are being killed in the south east, and went on to advise the Federal Government to treat IPOB the way it treated Boko Haram.

“It is instructive, that the entire south west based media houses have never noted any attacks on Northerners in the South East. It is also surprising that these false allegations are coming only from President Buhari’s own organization, Miyetti Allah.

“It is also quite interesting to note that no Nigerian has heard of any attack of northerners in the South East, except this strange coalition.

“They did not give date, instance or town in the South East where in their own words, hundreds of innocent law abiding citizens of northern extraction living in the south eastern part have been killed in cold blood; with their businesses and properties destroyed.

Meanwhile, following the steady decline of the naira largely blamed on the fall of the price of crude oil, the Movement for the Ac­tualisation of the Sov­ereign State of Biafra has threatened to start issuing the Biafran currency in Igboland.

The Sun reports that Mr Martins Ezeaka who is the Anambra north director of finance of MASSOB said in Onitsha state that the depreciation of the naira may necessitate the reintroduce the Biafran currency for the people of the south east to use in financial transaction like it did in the past.
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