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Despite mounting pressure from governors of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Senator Ali Modu Sheriff has refused to step down as party chairman.

This came as the national convention of the party was due to be held in Port Harcourt was called off over unresolved cases.

Addressing a press conference after a stormy session with the governors and top leaders of the party, Sheriff said he would stay on until all ongoing court cases are resolved.

Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, former Borno state governor and seemingly the former PDP national chairman

He also said he had suspended the proposed convention of the party saying that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had declined to supervise the election.

“We are confronted with a lot of challenges, the challenges are mostly court cases to stop our convention from taking place,” he said.

“Our party is responsible, law abiding with high respect for judiciary and courts, we do hereby state and put off the national convention of our party from taking place.
“Therefore, the best and safest way is to put off the convention. Therefore, we have suspended the convention until all the court cases are resolved. We will then announce another day for the convention.”

While he advised delegates to return to their respective states, the former governor of Borno State said “We have advised all the delegates to go home that there is no convention.

The former Borno governor has long been a controversial public figure

“We do not want to disrespect the law, we are law abiding and that is the decision until the courts decide. The bone of contention is that there is no space for election.

“Therefore, we will wait and sit in the office of the national chairman of the party and wait until all decisions of the courts are resolved. Whatever the decision the court takes, we will be law abiding.”
11:02 PM

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