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Nigerians have urged President Muhammadu Buhari to save their lives from the continuous killing of citizens of the country by Fulani herdsmen.

Within the last 3 months, thousands of Nigerians have been killed by the herdsmen leaving properties worth billions destroyed.

A group, citizens of Idoma Land in Benue state, who made the call in Abuja said: “The reason for the concert is to bring to the fore as we have done in the past few months since the Agatu massacre to keep it on the burner so that what is required by government and individuals are done. I can confirm to you that Fulani herdsmen are still occupying some villages that were originally for the Agatu people, particularly on the Nassarawa State axis.”

Also speaking, another leader of the group, Moses Paul said it was unfortunate that it took the state governor almost seven weeks after the carnage to visit Agatu.

“The killings have not even abated yet, they have curtailed it. But there are villages in Agatu, about four villages that have been taken over completely by Fulani herdsmen. In less than 24 hours when the Enugu carnage happened, which was less than 10 percent of what happened in Agatu, the Governor of the state was there and even the Inspector General of Polce, IGP, that is what I called pro-activeness,” he said.

The group also attacked the IGP for not coming to Agatu. “Even the IGP has never been to Agatu, he only stopped in Makurdi. So, we are doing it in Abuja because the President lives in Abuja, the IGP lives in Abuja, all the people that can do what they need to do, live in Abuja.”

Meanwhile, the Ekiti state governor has declared war on herdsmen in the state.
Speaking yesterday, May 23 when he paid a courtesy visit to the families of dead, Fayose who promise to raise N2,5 million for the families of the dead also said he would raise N2.5 million for local hunters to defend the communities against the herdsmen.
8:38 AM

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