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Dr Federick Fasehun
Founder of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) and the national chairman of the Unity Party of Nigeria, Dr. Frederick Fasehun, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to graft former Governor of Central Bank, Chukwuma Soludo, and Prof. Pat Utomi, into his economic team to revive the country’s economy.

Dr Fasehun who said Buhari’s cabinet is an insult to Nigerian financial experts also said the economic team should be made up of former Presidential candidate and  secretary to the government of the federation,  Chief Olu Falae.

former Governor of Central Bank, Chukwuma Soludo

“A review of the government’s economic team shows that it is made up of persons occupying their offices by nepotism and political expediency.  Buhari’s current cabinet is an insult to Nigerian economic wizards at home and in the Diaspora.

“This weakness became apparent with the mishandling of the 2016 budget. There is an urgent need for a complete overhauling of the government’s economic team. The government should quickly draft into its economic management team Chief Olu Falae, Mallam Adamu Ciroma, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Mrs. Nenadi Usman, Chief Isiaka Adeleke, Dr. Shamsudeen Usman, Prof. Pat Utomi, Dr. Chukwuma Soludo and Chief Frank Kokori.”

Prof. Pat Utomi

He said the President needs “a super-team of economists to guide him through the present storm of economic problems” also accused the Federal Government of shielding many corrupt people in the APC from being prosecuted.

Commenting on the increase pump price of fuel, Fasehun slammed the Federal Government, saying the government did not consider the plight of the poor stressing that Buhari had continued to make the mistakes of his predecessors and refused to revamp the country’s refineries.

He said the Oodua People’s Congress supported the call by the civil society groups and the Nigeria Labour Congress that the Federal Government should revert to the old pump price of N86.50.

“Demonstrations and strikes are the people’s constitutional right and, if the government fails to do the needful, the people shall exercise that right as we did during former President Goodluck Jonathan government in 2014,” he added.
8:10 AM

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