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Some mothers-in-law could be a real pain in the ass for newly married couples as most of them do not know how to handle them. As a result of the troubles mostly caused by these women, some ladies wish them dead.

Now, that is not a very good thing as we all have mothers and do not ever want to let go of them even when they are grey and old. Some mothers-in-law make it a point of duty to be extremely mean and would do all they can to frustrate their children’s spouses.

Some young married couple dread being visited by these women and have found a new name for them. If you have seen Jennifer Lopez’s movie titled ‘Enough’ you will understand that it takes grace and patience in winning over a mother-in-law like that.

Some mothers-in-law may not be particularly wicked, but they could be intrusive which is something most people cannot tolerate. Having your mother-in-law come into the house is enough at times, now having her dictate and tell you how to run the affairs of your home could be really annoying. There are certain ways to deal with women like that; mind you, no one is asking you to beat up your mother-in-law.

Find below some of the things you will know If your mother-in-law is intrusive:

1. Unsolicited advises
If you have an intrusive mother-in-law, she would make it her duty to know the things happening in your home. She would chip in words of advice even when her opinion is not sought and she would do all she can to make sure things happen the way she thinks they should.
Failure to adhere to these advises is a call to war. With a mother-in-law like that, you may be wondering if you are still a child or an adult.

2. Always visiting without prior notice
An intrusive mother-in-law would show up at your doorstep without notifying you of her visit. You are expected to be happy on seeing her otherwise; you are sending the wrong message across to her.
A mother-in-law like this would stay for as long as possible and choke you in your own space. We need not remind you that you have to go out of your way to see to her satisfaction or risk being labeled as evil.

3. When she refuses to leave after a while
In Nigeria, when a woman gives birth, her mother-in-law is expected to come help her with the new baby and put her through the basics when it comes to taking care of the baby.
This is called omugwo; some women would not leave after the period and would stay until the child starts to walk. An intrusive mother-in-law like this would eventually frustrate the couple and prevent them from getting along.

4. When she causes fight between you and your spouse
If you have an intrusive mother-in-law that is mean, you would understand this point. Women like these poke into your affairs and start to grumble about the way you spend money or the way you waste resources.
They would bring your partners’ attention to your flaws and would report you every little chance they have. Some even encourage their children to teach you a lesson by beating you or to hide certain things from you.

5. When you can never satisfy her
An intrusive mother-in-law could frustrate your effort by being unnecessarily difficult. Women like these could be hard to please; your food is either tasteless or salty, if not it is filled with pepper. Even when you go out of your way to buy food for them from expensive restaurants, you will be termed wasteful or a bad cook.

6. When they want to be everything
An intrusive mother-in-law could be extremely difficult; you would feel like she is in active competition with you the moment she steps into the house.

Whenever she sees you having a good time with your partner is the time she would choose to send you on errand, when you are gone, she would start chatting him up and you would be displaced by the time you return.

She would bring up things you do not know about and stylishly exempt you from that discussion. A mother-in-law like that wants to be the mother, the mother-in-law and the wife at the same time. Everything has to be about her.
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