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Buzzing Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has charged other female artistes in Nigeria to rise up to the occasion and step up their efforts in pursuit of greatness.

According to Punch, Yemi encouraged female musicians ignore the challenges before them and not let it weigh them down as they climb the ladder to success in their respective careers.

                      Yemi Alade.

She said: “No woman is living on an island with only females; if being a feminist means I strongly believe that the girl child can do just as well as the male child, then call me a feminist.

“But if that’s not it, then I’m not that.

“I believe that there is that struggle for the females but I don’t believe that because of that struggle we should be sleeping at our posts.

“So when you see the challenge, you rise above it; so any woman that is seeing this challenge and sitting at home and crossing her legs, she has decided to fail. Not my business.”

She harped on the need for them to keep working as society is always more favourably disposed to males than females.

She said: “Even when you list five male and five female artists first of all, even if the female artist’s music is doing better than the male artist, they will still give more respect to the guy, just because he’s a guy.

“I don’t know why, can’t the woman be respected, I don’t know why.

“But I have come to live with it but I do know that when I am dealing with people, if you cannot respect me, you have to get out of my face.’’

Yemi Alade is a multi award-winning Afro Pop singer. Her new album Mama Africa is set for a 2016 release and many, fans and critics alike, cannot wait for its release.
9:50 AM

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