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During the competition, representatives of each street would come out and whip each other to a point where one of them would surrender. The competition was to test the pain threshold of each competitor.

The participants who could withstand more pain in a beating round score more points for the team.

At the end of the competition, after most of the participants must have been adequately flogged,  the street with highest points wins and gets a prize from the king.

Flogging like this was also reported in the Northern part of Nigeria where young men were flogged to see if they could hold the pain.

Men flogged in this situation were beaten for the ladies they want to court. Ladies whom they were flogged for in  turn tends to appreciate them more.

While those who cried during the flogging process were labelled weaklings, not fit to date or court a woman. It’s shocking to know people could do this to themselves; subjecting themselves to so much torture just for a prize.

It’s also surprising that in this present day and era, some towns haven’t given up on their primitive traditions especially if they inflict pain on people around.

See below some of the photos:

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