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Versatile entertainer, Stella Damasus, has revealed the inspiration behind her new dope single, Jaa Gi Mma. The video of the song, directed by DaBishop, was released earlier this week, and has been enjoying commendable reviews from many quarters.
The beautiful thespian explained that Jaa Gi Mma is an old song her mother, who was a chorister used to sing in church. At that time, Stella’s knowledge of Igbo was not that great so she didn’t fully understand the meaning of the song, but she knew the lyrics and could sing along
“So when I started singing with my music group (One Heart One Sound) in Abuja, we sang the song during one of our rehearsals but never got to perform it. We did a lot of events with the group but for some reasons we didn’t do the song. I later came to America and started working on my album project.
“But one day in the studio while I was waiting for the producer to finish what he was doing, I just started humming the song and my voice was recorded singing the song even without any instrumentation. As we did that he (the producer) recognized that it was that old song that we never got to sing, he asked me what the song meant and for the first time I actually paid attention to the meaning of the song.
“When I told him, he just started praying and then told me he would put a hold on the song we were working on because his spirit is saying we should do this one. We recorded the song and each time we played back we just started praying and that was when I knew it was the right song to release,” Stella narrated.
The sultry entertainer added that she released Jaa Gi Mma so that people can remember God’s love and mercy even when they are going through the storm. Just fix your eyes on His love and keep praising, He will deliver and restore you.”
About a month ago, Award winning film maker and producer, Daniel Ademinokan come out to reveal how he fell in love with the beautiful Stella Damasus.
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