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The majority of Nigeria’s Senate, 81 members, have passed a vote of confidence on its president Bukola Saraki.
On his own turn, Bukola Saraki while resuming the plenary on July 28, stated that it’s time to move now.
Saraki added that the lawmaking arm will be capable of producing watershed legislative interventions.

His words: “As the Senate resumes today, it’s expected that the recess would, have in no small measure help us consolidate stability of National Assembly.
 “Now is time to move as one house in one direction to fulfill the promise we made to our constituencies that gave us our mandate.
“It is time we remind ourselves of the solemn promise to deliver real change, which can’t be achieved in atmosphere distracted politics.
“Elections are over; Nigerians didn’t put their lives on the line for politics but for responsible leadership that can deliver good governance.
“Our mandate is not to come & play politics; our mandate is to be solution providers for the numerous challenges that bedeviled our country.
“We have insurgency threatening very existence of our country & fabric of its unity from NE, we are facing dire streak due to mismanagement.
“We have leadership task of turning challenges around through purpose driven lawmaking & Nigerians will not forgive us if we abdicate.

“We can only achieve real change by working together & time is now. Before recess, we started process of laying down marker for new Senate.
“8th Senate would be a much more focused legislative session, capable of producing watershed legislative interventions,” Saraki said.
There had been reports that following the crisis over NASS leadership Senate president and his deputy Ike Ekweremadu would be impeached.
It should be also noted that the meeting between President Muhammadu Buhari and APC legislators failed to resolve the crisis as the two factions in the House of Reps stick to their different positions.
4:30 PM

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