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Click for Full Image Size The issue of s*xual harassment in the Nigerian film industry is not a new thing. Up and coming actresses seem to suffer this more because they want to desperately gain fame as fast as possible. In some cases, these wannabes pay movie producers heavily to appear in their productions, all in the quest for fame.

An up and coming actress, Banke Adewunmi has revealed that s*xual harassment needs to be curbed in Nollywood, as the Nigeria film industry is fondly called.

"There's s*xual harassment in the industry. It's not easy making it without being s*xually harassed. Some people think it’s like trade by barter. It's real. There should be a level playing ground for all without attaching any dirty conditions. People should be allowed to showcase their God-given talents without any hindrance" she told Encomium Magazine in an interview.
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