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Lawmakers in Edo State, western Nigeria received huge sum of money from the presidency in Abuja to remove Governor Adams Oshiomhole from office, this is according to Governor Oshiomhole.
The incumbent governor made this statement on Wednesday, 4 June, 2014, at the Government House, Benin City, Edo State while addressing thousands of youths mainly from Edo Central senatorial district under the aegis of the Initiative for Youth Awareness on Immigration, Development and Reintegration, led by Comrade Solomon Okoduwa.
According to Oshiomhole, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is making moves to change the leadership of the State House of Assembly in an attempt to commence impeachment moves against him.
Oshiomhole said, “I know you have read in the newspapers that some of them are planning through corrupt means to change a popular mandate that was conferred on me by the great people of the state including your good selves.
* Governor Adam Oshiomhole of Edo State
 * Governor Adam Oshiomhole of Edo State
History will have it whether they like it or not that for the first time in Edo Central, North and South, everybody voted for me overwhelmingly in all the local governments.
“Now they have brought in a lot of money from Abuja, paying assembly members who we campaigned for, marketing some of these people who are not known in their neighbourhoods; they rode on my back to get to the House of Assembly.
Some of them cannot walk on their streets. They collected as I read in the papers huge sums of money to mortgage and put on hold the mandate you all in your respective areas gave them on the basis of the promise that they would work for me to deliver Edo State; they have become merchants of mandate”.
Meanwhile, one of the APC lawmakers who recently defected to the PDP denied any plans by the legislators to impeach the governor.
He, however, stated that they would not hesitate to exercise their constitutional responsibilities should the Gov. Oshiomhole commit an impeachable offence.
It could be recalled that four lawmakers in Edo State House of Assembly were reported to have left the APC and joined PDP last week.
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